How to sell a house in probate and other estate questions

How to sell a house in probate and other estate questions

how to sell a house in probate

We understand what you’re going through. You have already lost a loved one, and now you’re faced with the challenge of figuring out a probate case and paying for and maintaining a vacant home as well.

Do I need an estate lawyer to sell a home in probate?
You do not always needs an estate lawyer to sell a house in probate. However, an estate attorney will certainly make the process easier for you. If you’re looking for estate attorneys in Charleston, SC or a Berkeley County estate lawyer or Dorchester County probate lawyer, we would be happy to refer some well-regarded, reasonably priced probate attorneys to you.

Should I list my house with a real estate agent and try to sell it with them?
Probably not, for a few reasons. Number one, most realtors do not have experience with probate cases or estates. Next, most estate homes need some TLC and it is very difficult to find a purchaser that is willing to buy the house in as-is condition and do the work after buying it. Lastly, it can take so long to sell a estate property that most buyers simply aren’t willing to hang around that long. Plus, the buyers usually need CASH to buy the home, which is simply not possible for most purchasers. Trying to find a buyer through a realtor means BIG headaches and BIG problems for you. The best course of action is to do something quickly, and we can help.

Can I sell a house in probate and other FAQ’s
Yes, there are ways for you to sell a house in an estate. However, opening a probate case and getting through the estate process is complicated to say the least.

I was wondering, does the homeowner insurance cover the house once it becomes vacant?
THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT- Unfortunately, although you may still be paying for a homeowners insurance policy on the home in the estate, most insurance companies are not actually covering the house if someone isn’t still occupying the house! So, if the house burns down or a hurricane or other storm damages the house, you could lose the house- the insurance company wouldn’t pay for it! Many homeowners insurance policies are invalid if the home isn’t lived in for greater than 30 days. Don’t risk it, call us today!

How can I pay for HOA fees, mortgage, taxes and insurance on an estate house?
You may want to work with your probate court and set up a bank account for the estate so the money from the estate can pay the bills. You’ll need to be able to write checks from the bank account so you can pay any bills.

What if the estate doesn’t have any other money?
If the estate doesn’t have money to pay for all the maintenance and bills, you and other family members will have to pay for all the repairs, maintenance and bills out of pocket until the estate is finished. If you don’t pay the taxes, HOA fees if there are any and mortgage, the amount you owe will quickly escalate and ultimately, the house can foreclosure or be sold at a delinquent tax sale.

Are there ways to sell the home faster than waiting more than a year, since probate can take that long?
Yes, sometimes there are other ways for us to buy the home, get the problem behind you and the money in your pocket without going all the way through the estate. To learn more, please contact us below.

Should I expect to hear from investors who want my house?
No doubt about it, BUT BE CAREFUL. Many so called “investors” (or realtors) are recent graduates of some type of seminar or course, and this could be their 1st deal, which they’re actually trying to sell to us or another veteran investment group. We have bought a significant number of houses in probate and have a high level of experience with estate cases in Dorchester, Berkeley and Charleston County, SC.

What is the easiest way to get the estate done and get the house sold as fast as possible?
We can buy your Charleston, Berkeley or Dorchester County house very quickly compared to other routes. We have relationships in place with different Charleston probate attorneys, county personnel and others that will help the process go smoothly, quickly and painlessly. However, we can’t help until you submit your property information.

Just fill out brief property questionnaire at, or call our 24 hour house selling information line at (843)553-5005 Right Now For Your Peace of Mind and Relief From This Stress.


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